I can’t tell you how amazing it was for me to work with you. The self discovery and the ability to face my issues and move forward is truly inspiring and empowering. I feel ready to create my boundaries and listen to my intuition & internal sense about things. It really is transformative and amazing; I am still feeling like anything is possible and it’s really exciting. I have this deep power and strength traveling inside me and it feels really fantastic!”
Andi Yablonski

Alexis Shepperd is a truly inspiring woman. From the first time I met her, I was struck by the breadth and balance of her presence. She engaged me completely with her embodied attentiveness, nurturing support, and strong voice. I felt that I was in the presence of a very integrated woman who I wanted to learn more from, immediately!  She supported our women’s circle with expertise and a clear capacity to empower us to show up more fully with ourselves and each other. Above all, whenever I have had the chance to connect with Alexis, I feel met by her willingness to be available, listen deeply, and share in the truth.  I walk away standing taller and  breathing deeper. Alexis embodies the work she shares with women, and just being with her is an empowering learning experience.

Ellen Boeder, MA, LPC

I want to that you again for all the ways you helped me grow and heal to prepare myself for a relationship like this. Really, I can’t thank you enough.”
Kate Mclaughlin

I wanted to sincerely thank you for working with me. It’s an amazing process … there’s something particularly special and transformative when I can feel you really feeling with me (especially when I can’t fully access the emotion).  These experiences stay with me for days and weeks… when I remember I feel such warmth and compassion and reassurance.  It must take a lot of emotional energy and talent to engage with people in this way so I want to sincerely express my appreciation and gratitude.”
Allison Harvey

Alexis is an incredibly intuitive and perceptive guide, whose ability to get to the heart of the matter continues to shock me.  In whatever aspect of your life you’re looking for change, Alexis is highly skilled at asking the right questions and making the right observations that will lead you to find your own answers and chart your course.

Alexis, I thought you would be happy to hear my news: I got engaged yesterday to a wonderful man who loves me more than I thought anyone would. Thank you for all your support during those times when I struggled so much to understand what was getting in the way.
Leigh Allen

Alexis is one of the most perceptive, insightful, and kind people I have ever met. When I first met her, I remember being absolutely blown away by how quickly she was able to see me and immediately begin to provide warm, helpful counsel exactly where I needed it. She truly has a gift, an uncanny ability to tap into others, and has made an enormous difference in my life in the past year. I would recommend her hands-down to anyone seeking transformational change in their lives.
Alexandra Davidson

Alexis Shepperd is a warrior of the heart. She has a real gift at group facilitation. She’s also very effective in helping others navigate their inner terrain around intimacy and relationships because she does the inner work herself. When tested in her own way, she meets what is arising in her experience, facing discomfort and pain, as a way to be more fully herself. I respect her. I trust her. Anyone who gets an opportunity to work with her is blessed.

Jayson Gaddis, relationship psychotherapist

I am so grateful to you for being with me so fully, taking care of me, and loving me. I have never emoted so openly. The experience was painful, and confusing–at first. In the circle, I remember looking around at each beautiful person there and feeling so distant and sad. Looking at you, though, was different. I remember your soft smile that was full of care, concern, and love, which helped me ground again and again that evening. When you caressed my hair in such a sisterly way, I flashed back to the most lonely times of my life and wished I’d had this love then.

I have been able to experience painful events and bury them for a long time without feeling my way through. And I have been lonely, Alexis. The pain was often too much to face alone so I didn’t face it at all. It’s as if I have always carried the belief that I could never feel as close to someone as I did to you in that moment. Your love for me brought a new truth forward. Thank you for being wonderful you.

Johnny Marie Chapman, psychotherapist

My life has changed for the better since I’ve known Alexis, and I absolutely cherish the time I have worked with her.  Since she has been such an amazingly bright light in my life, and I consider her to be one of the most talented, capable and highly trained coaches in the industry.

Alexis is one of the most gentle and intuitive souls I have ever met, hands down. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting her, you’ll see what I mean – her sweetness, her empathy, and her uncanny love for people shine like spotlights.

Alexis has an incredibly deep understanding of people and their process.  From the moment I met Alexis, I knew that she was observing me far below the surface.  I suppose someone might consider that intimidating – particularly if you don’t want to be seen for who you are. I found it exhilarating. Why work with a coach who can’t see who you are?

A good coach can make guesses about what’s going for clients.  An amazing coach has an immediate understanding of what’s going on, and because they see their clients, they know exactly how to approach the issues for maximum effect.  I place Alexis in the latter category.  She knows exactly what’s going on for me, and she knows exactly how to address it.  My life and my business move forward when we work together.

If you are looking for a personal coach, I highly and without reservation recommend Alexis Shepperd. You will not be disappointed.

Erik Newton J.D.

I worked with Alexis in a year-long coaching program and in one-on-one coaching for a year, and was continually struck by her wisdom and deep caring. I think of Alexis as courageously direct, honest, and alive, all resting on a foundation of love. I trust her strong self awareness. Her sensitivity to other’s experience always had me feel seen and supported. Then in the middle of tight emotional spots, she could smile wide and make me laugh.
Eric Caraszi

As a life coach and mentor, Alexis’s insights flow from her voice, her body, and her heart. Her  unconditional love and acceptance of every part of me are palpable and transformative.  The guidance she offers from this place of love feels completely in tune with every part of my being. When she’s with me, her demeanor tells me that she is passionately serious about my life. Alexis helped me articulate what was behind the habits of my everyday language, and unveil was itching in my heart. She is truly an ancient, boundless presence.
Sara G.

Alexis is a joy. Powerful. Nurturing.  I first experienced her ability as a facilitator through a workshop I took about my dynamics with women. This is a woman who knew how to point out things about me… things that I had never seen. Things that were very hard to see. She gave me very specific feedback that I took to heart, put into action, and have seen very specific results around my relationships with women. If you are ready to understand how the women or men in your life experience you–especially in intimate relationship with partners or spouses–then sign on the dotted line. And get ready for a ride!!!

Bryan Neuberg

Meeting and getting to work with Alexis has been a revelatory experience. For years, I had been seeing various therapists and coaches, and at their best, I’d gotten some helpful insights. But there was never really a sense of “clicking” with them – or of a relationship that facilitated deeper transformation.

Working with Alexis was completely different. With her deep wisdom, skill, caring, and passion for authenticity, every session is infused with the insights of heart, mind, body, and spirit – leading to dramatic shifts in how I’m actually living my life. I feel cared for enough to show up fully to our sessions, supported enough to relax into the work that we do together, and challenged enough to reach past the horizons of what had previously seemed possible. This has not only helped me grow, but helped me cultivate more rewarding relationships in the rest of my life. I heartily encourage anyone who is searching for a truly transformational coach to consider working with Alexis.

Tom Bozeman

Alexis brings together deep knowledge and experience of a trained psychologist with an amazing authentic presence of a truly loving human being.  She is loving, forceful, intelligent, and really great at what she does – which is to help people be more loving with themselves and with other people.  She is a great coach, and a great woman!  I recommend her highly.
Ali Edwards

Coaching with Alexis challenged and changed me in ways that psychotherapy never did.  She possesses an incredible talent for identifying in other people the habits and thoughts we aren’t even aware of but that hold us back from living fully and having what we want in life.  The other half of that talent is how capably and supportively she teaches her clients to recognize those habits in themselves.

Thanks to Alexis, I actually feel like I am seeing myself and my life through a completely different lens.  As a result, I’m living my life differently and feeling much more satisfied by my relationships with my family, friends and partner. I found coaching with Alexis to be a much more insightful, productive process than psychotherapy. I recommend Alexis as a coach for any woman who wishes she were more in love with her own life.
Leslie Allen

Alexis came into my life several years ago when I took the AWE weekend with her and her co-coach Shana James. (This was a life-changing program for me.)  I’m a woman who had often considered herself a “master dater.”  I’d been dating for years, had several boyfriends and was asked out on a regular basis. I was not having trouble finding new men to date which was often a main complaint for many of my friends.

What was difficult, however was sustaining an authentic relationship with a man since I hit my thirties. From the outside, I was doing and saying all the right things. It took working with these two fabulous AWE coaches for me to look inward and realize I had made dating into a business.  I had focused all my energy on the men I was dating and was not completely present with me.

While doing personal coaching with Alexis, I came to realize I was “thinking” my way through relationships rather than allowing myself to  “feel” in them. I came to realize how my break-ups in my younger years had set up a force field that would never allow me to be hurt again. The problem was that this force field wasn’t allowing me to find love again either.

Alexis was incredibly gifted in the way she dealt with me. I tried to chitchat and justify my way through our sessions and she continually stopped me and guided me to go deep.  When Alexis looks at you, you know she is seeing you. You can’t hide and there is something so life-affirming about that.
I wholeheartedly endorse Alexis as a life coach. Call her up and just talk to her on the phone. (You don’t even need to talk to her in person to realize how perceptive, caring and intuitive she is.  She really listens to you when you talk.)

By the way, I’m getting married this year and I’m quite clear that my time with my AWE coaches, Alexis and Shana were what got me moving in the right direction. Go see for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Ellen Rosenstock

I just wanted to drop you a note about how incredible it was to be in your presence again. I love learning from you but there is something more. . . .You motivate me to put my toe in the water and say what’s really so even if it isn’t always pretty. Oh my gosh!!!! How I struggle with that! I think you are a beautiful soul and I’m glad I met you :-)”
Ellen Rosenstock

I’ve been working with Alexis for a year and a half now and find her to be a truly remarkable coach. Before I started working with Alexis I was having a lot of health problems and my frustration around that would frequently send me in an emotional downward spiral making everything worse. I also, for as long as I can remember, had been quite anxious and shy in certain social situations. With Alexis’ help I have seen a great shift in these two areas. I feel socially more at ease than I ever have before. I’m having more fun and I feel so much freer and more like myself.  And my outlook around my health is completely different. I’ve gone from feeling worried and hopeless to calm and inspired. When health problems do flare up I’m no longer afraid and my overall sense of ‘suffering’ is gone. I feel very excited about my future. What’s more, as a result of my attitude change my health has actually been getting better!

My experience of Alexis is that she is extremely sharp and a careful listener with a beautiful balance of being very empathetic/caring and also no-bullshit. I’ve had the joy of watching her work with men and see them–with her guidance–be able to access places in themselves and untie inner knots they hadn’t known existed before. As a woman I have felt extremely ‘gotten’ and ‘held’ by her and inspired by her powerful loving radiance.

I recommend her 200%.
Heide Cannon

Essentially Alexis is one of the best relationship coaches I’ve known. A true master of depth and authenticity.
Aaron Pava

Working with Alexis, I’ve felt completely held and safe delving into deep places within myself that I’d resisted exploring before.  I’ve felt my heart and my vitality in a way that I hadn’t in a while.  Alexis manages to be loving and intuitive, and directed and professional, all at the same time.

Chris Edgar, Author/Coach/Entrepreneur

When I first came to Alexis, I was a complete stress case who hated my job and was completely mired in self-judging, procrastination, shame with money, and difficulty reaching deep connections in my relationships. I have tried many types of personal growth work – including books and traditional therapy – all of which did help, a little. But the work with Alexis went much deeper, teaching me how to truly listen to myself, trust myself and my feelings, and find a comfort and truth within my own body that made all of those other issues start to melt away. She does a truly unique, hands-on type of work that allows you to go to the core of issues, and resolve things you’ve been trying to resolve for years – quickly, without dwelling on the past. After seeing her, I had the courage to quit my job and landed a new fantastic, lower stress job that I really like. I have a comfort in my own skin that I never thought possible, and I am creating the type of relationships that I have always wanted. I highly recommend working with her!
Lauren B., In-house attorney, San Francisco

It took a mere matter of minutes for Alexis to dive in and get to the core of what was going on at the moment during our first full session.  Her perception is amazing and her feedback was valuable in helping me to better understand how I’m seen by women. She brought all of her feminine energy, but in a safe and loving environment. I have noticed since our work that I focus more on being present and being OK with however I’m being in the moment.
Dan R.

Alexis really helped me, and in two very different ways, which demonstrated her versatility and great intuitive sense. Initially, when I came to see her, I was in a funk and questioning many aspects of my life.  So at first, it was mainly a therapeutic alliance – and I found Alexis to be emotionally attuned, honest, and motivated to help me find answers. I saw huge changes in my life: ending a job that was toxic for me, resolving lingering painful feelings about a relationship that had ended, shifting unhealthy patterns in relationships, getting clearer about my life direction, having breakthroughs around setting boundaries, and learning to take better care of myself physically and emotionally.

We then segued into more of a coaching role, with Alexis helping me finally face some deeply engrained organizational issues, which turned out to have a lot of heavy emotional baggage. Alexis struck a great balance in her facilitation.  She even helped me get clarity on the nuts and bolts of my dissertation!  I know she has the skills and heart to help me go even further in my personal development and I highly recommend working with her.

Josie Valderama

I give my highest recommendation to Alexis as a personal coach. I find her incredibly warm, genuine, highly intelligent, and perceptive. Most importantly though, her coaching gave me results. We worked on me being more expressive of my true feelings, which has had a huge impact on my personal relationships. Not that I had serious problems in the area of relationships, but working with Alexis has helped me fine-tune my assertiveness and my ability to express difficult feelings like anger and frustration in a skillful way. Before I would bottle up frustration and then it would leak out in passive aggressive way, but now I’m much more able to express my feelings in the moment in a way that doesn’t provoke defensiveness in the other person.

I think something else that I really liked about working with Alexis is that I immediately felt comfortable with her. Each session was highly productive and felt like we could jump right in, get down to business, and left each session feeling very clear and knowing my next moves, and like I had gotten great value for my money.

If you’re looking for a coach, call her up. You won’t be disappointed.
Gregory Mayer

I’ve worked with Alexis in two separate trainings: a weekend workshop called AWE and in a year-long training–the Transformational Coaching and Leadership Training (TCLT).  I find her to be one of the most intuitive, empathetic, inspiring coaches out there.  Bottomline (and I don’t say this lightly): Working with Alexis was a life expanding experience. Alexis is not only insightful and deeply intuitive and empathic, in our interactions she also had the ability to speak to my soul.  For the first time, I got a deeper sense of “knowing” that went way beyond cognition and it changed my relationship to myself and the world. I’m more conscious, calmer, and experience greater freedom.
I’ve done traditional psychotherapy and other experiential work, but working with Alexis changed my experience of daily life.  I have an incredible sense of inner peace and “okayness”. I feel loving and compassionate with my self, I have much more intimacy with everyone in my life, and am much more effective with people in work situations.  Recently, I worked out a sabbatical at my consulting firm and have been traveling for four months in Bali, Bhutan and Nepal.  I don’t believe I would have taken the leap without our coaching.  I will feel forever grateful for taking the plunge… it changed my life.  Thank you Alexis!
Brooke deterline

The intrinsic value is difficult to measure in dollars… if I tried… well, I can’t. The return on my investment will pay dividends for the remainder of my life. I gained a treasure map of my potential. This past year has taught me how to be voluntarily vulnerable and be okay with it. The beginning of 2011 I took a gamble and followed my intuition. I am glad I did! Money and time well spent, indeed!

Rebecca Miller

I have experienced Alexis Shepperd both as a coaching trainer and a coach and my experiences with her have been only positive. I completed the Transformational Leadership and Coaching Training in 2008 and it has had an enormous and greatly beneficial impact on my life. In private coaching with her I was amazed by the accuracy of her intuition and her deeply nurturing ability to hold space. I felt totally seen and understood by her and it gave me the ability to move through immense blocks and get to grips with my life in a grounded and practical manner.
David Schlussel

Dr. Alexis is the best! She helps uncover all the areas in your life that need ‘un-sticking’ and coaches you to find ways to have the life you desire. She rocks!

Scott Swanson

I love working with Alexis, and am seeing major shifts in my life as a direct result of her support and insight.  She’s more than someone you just go spew your problems to for an hour–she is intuitive, direct, and gets right to the spots where I am stuck.  She has helped me broaden my perspective in ways that are spilling over to all areas of my life.  I would recommend anyone wanting to seriously take it to the next level–whatever that may be–to work with Alexis.

Suzy Piluso

Dr. Alexis is intuitive, positive, and supportive.  Unlike some life coaches I’ve known or heard about, she’s much more than a cheerleader: she’ll help you evaluate and refine your goals and will work with you to develop the tools to monitor your progress,  She’s also a great listener and is genuinely interested in understanding what your dreams and challenges are all about.  But she doesn’t confine her participation to listening; she participates in an ongoing  discussion with you and, in a very real sense, she accompanies you on your journey toward achievement.  And don’t let her young appearance fool you; she’s very wise.
Jim S.

Alexis is an extraordinarily gifted professional dedicated to helping men and women experience flourishing relationships in all areas of their lives.
She has greatly influenced my personal transformation through her wisdom, insight, compassion and dedication to my growth and happiness. My work with her has been significant and inspiring.  The results are visible in every aspect of my life – with friends, family, business colleagues and particularly (after being single for a very long time) in the loving, passionate relationship my boyfriend and I have developed over the past year.
I highly recommend Dr. Alexis Shepperd!
Angela Palermo